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Solution-based patterned growth of rubrene nanocrystals for organic field effect transistors
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We report a solution-processed chemical reaction approach to patternedgrowth of rubrene polycrystalline films over Ag electrodes for organic field effect transistors. The reduction in cationic precursors of by Ag atoms generated neutral molecules with a concentration above the nucleation threshold near to the electrodesurfaces. This initiates the site-specific nucleation followed by growth of rubrene nanocrystals on the electrodes. These rubrene nanocrystals were found in the triclinic crystal phase and formed a polycrystalline film across the source and drain electrodes. The mobilities of rubrene transistors can achieve with an on/off ratio of .


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Scitation: Solution-based patterned growth of rubrene nanocrystals for organic field effect transistors