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A light emitting structure consisting of two coupled microcavities has been realized and studied. One of the two cavities contains a luminescent organic thin film of tetrakis(4-methoxyphenyl)porphyrin, whereas the other microcavity is a dielectric structure coupled to the organic one by means of a LiF/ZnS Bragg mirror. Reflectivityspectra show the presence of two well defined cavity dips. We observe an energy splitting of the two cavity modes. Despite the fact that only one cavity contains the active layer, the photoluminescencespectra display two peaks with comparable intensities at the same energy of the reflectivity dips. These observations indicate the strong coupling of the two cavities. The comparison of the diagonalized effective Hamiltonian with the observed resonances further confirms the strong coupling.


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Scitation: Vertical coupled double organic microcavities