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Ternary logic implemented on a single dopant atom field effect silicon transistor
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Image of FIG. 1.
FIG. 1.

Maps of current, , (a), and transconductance, , (b), computed as a function of the gate voltage (abscissa) and the source-drain voltage for and . The resistance at either junction is the same. The color coding is a heat map, red is negative, zero is white and blue is positive. The different sign of on two facing sides of the diamond is clearly seen. In Fig. 1(b) we show the nine points that represent the nine possible inputs for multiplying two ternary numbers. By using reduced voltage variables the plot can be made to look symmetric, see figure S1.

Image of FIG. 2.
FIG. 2.

(a) The transconductance, , stability diagram shows the transport through a single dopant atom embedded in a Fin-FET device at 1.6 K. The region where transport is Coulomb blocked appears in white. Going from left to right, three stable charge states (, 0, −1) of the dopant atom are visible. We use the region of stability of the neutral dopant (middle) to implement the multiplier. The regions of positive and negative appear in light (red online) and dark (blue), respectively. (b) Transconductance of a many electron SET based on complementary metal-oxide semiconductor technology.


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Table I.

Truth table for the multiplication of two balanced ternary numbers. The digits to be multiplied are the column and row labels. Note that there is no carry digit. The minus sign of the output is physically encoded by the sign of the transconductance on the four sides of the stability diamond, see Fig. 1(b).


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Scitation: Ternary logic implemented on a single dopant atom field effect silicon transistor