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Inorganic/organic hybrid photodiodes, based on a solution-processed ternary blend containing PbSquantum dots(QDs), a fullerene derivative, and a conjugated polymer, have been reported to exhibit external quantum efficiencies in the infrared of up to 51% [T. Rauch et al., Nat. Photonics3, 332 (2009)]. Temperature dependent experiments reveal the high sensitivity of the photoresponse on the energy level alignment between the QDs and the fullerene derivative, resulting in quenching of the photoresponse at low temperatures for 5.2 nm QDs in size. With smaller QDs the optimum operation temperature is found between room temperature and , making these photodiodes promising for various applications.


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Scitation: Temperature dependent photoresponse from colloidal PbS quantum dot sensitized inorganic/organic hybrid photodiodes