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Videos & Podcasts

Author Podcast: Dr. Orlando Auciello

In this podcast, Prof. Auciello talks about his work on multi-component oxide thin films, and how his research led to significant contributions in new technological achievements and industry developments.

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Author Interview: Nick Holonyak Jr. Father of the Visible LED

Professor N. Holonyak's seminal paper on visible LED published in APL in 1962 [Appl. Phys. Letts. 1, 82 (1962)] established the foundation for the flourishing LED industry. Professor Holonyak has published more than 200 papers in Applied Physics Letters since 1962.

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Author Podcast: Prof. Alexander A. Balandin

Prof. Alexander A. Balandin of the University of California Riverside discusses his work on exploring and understanding low-frequency 1/f noise, and its dependence on the sample thickness in graphene multilayers.

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