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Lattice mismatch accommodation via oxygen vacancy ordering in epitaxial La0.5Sr0.5CoO3-δ thin films
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The properties of complex oxide films depend sensitively on epitaxial strain. This strain affects bond lengths and angles, and defect types and densities, thus impacting physical properties. In this work we perform detailed characterization of depth-dependent strain in epitaxial LaSrCoO (LSCO) films on SrTiO(001), SrTiO(110), and LaAlO(001) substrates, combining high resolution x-ray diffraction and scanning transmission electron microscopy, in addition to geometric phase analysis. We elucidate a fundamental link between strain state and O vacancy ordering in LSCO films, where lattice mismatch and crystallographic orientation can be used to manipulate the modulation vector of the long-range vacancy order, thus providing a new approach to tailor the properties of such films.


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Scitation: Lattice mismatch accommodation via oxygen vacancy ordering in epitaxial La<sub>0.5</sub>Sr<sub>0.5</sub>CoO<sub>3-δ</sub> thin films