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26.See supplementary material at for growth methods and characterization as well as details of the CTR fitting. [Supplementary Material]

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The complex phase diagrams of strongly correlated oxides arise from the coupling between physical and electronic structure. This can lead to a renormalization of the phase boundaries when considering thin films rather than bulk crystals due to reduced dimensionality and epitaxial strain. The well-established bulk NiO phase diagram shows a systematic dependence between the metal-insulator transition and the perovskite -site rare-earth ion, . Here, we explore the equivalent phase diagram for nickelate thin films under compressive epitaxial strain. We determine the metal-insulator phase diagram for the solid solution of NdLaNiO thin films within the range 0 ≤ y ≤ 1. We find qualitative similarity between the films and their bulk analogs, but with an overall renormalization in the metal-insulator transition to lower temperature. A combination of x-ray diffraction measurements and soft x-ray absorption spectroscopy indicates that the renormalization is due to increased Ni–O bond hybridization for coherently strained thin films.


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