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36.In Ref. 35, a value E = 4.66 eV was proposed, but it cannot be used for out-of-equilibrium growth conditions, such as the present ones, where vacancies are likely to be created during growth, so that the formation energy plays a minor role. As a consequence, much lower E values are expected.34

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We show that the Ge concentration in SiGe alloys grown under strong out-of-equilibrium conditions determines the character of the population of threading dislocations (TDs). Above a critical value ∼ 0.25 vertical TDs dominate over the common slanted ones. This is demonstrated by exploiting a statistically relevant analysis of TD orientation in micrometer-sized SiGe crystals, deposited on deeply patterned Si(001) substrates. Experiments involving an abrupt change of composition in the middle of the crystals clarify the role of misfit-strain versus chemical composition in favoring the vertical orientation of TDs. A scheme invoking vacancy-mediated climb mechanism is proposed to rationalize the observed behavior.


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