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EuLaTiO (x = 0, 0.3, 0.5) films were deposited in a p(Ar(96%)/H(4%)) = 4 × 10−4 mbar atmosphere on (LaAlO)-(SrAlTaO) vicinal substrates (0.1°). Reflection high-energy electron diffraction oscillation characteristics of a layer-by-layer growth mode were observed for stoichiometric and Ti-rich films and the laser fluence suited to deposit stoichiometric films was identified to be 1.25 J/cm2 independent of the La content. The variety of resulting film compositions follows the general trend of Eu-enrichment for low laser and Ti-enrichment for high laser fluence. X-ray diffraction confirms that all the films are compressively strained with a general trend of an increase of c-axis elongation for non-stoichiometric films. The surfaces of non-stoichiometric films have an increased roughness, the highest sheet resistances, exhibit the presence of islands, and are Eu3+ rich for films deposited at low laser fluence.


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