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Realization of a fully metallic two-dimensional electron gas (2DEG) at the interface between artificially grown LaAlO and SrTiO thin films has been an exciting challenge. Here we present for the first time the successful realization of a superconducting 2DEG at interfaces between artificially grown LaAlO and SrTiO thin films. Our results highlight the importance of two factors—the growth temperature and the SrTiO termination. We use local friction force microscopy and transport measurements to determine that in normal growth conditions the absence of a robust metallic state at low temperature in the artificially grown LaAlO/SrTiO interface is due to the nanoscale SrO segregation occurring on the SrTiO film surface during the growth and the associated defects in the SrTiO film. By adopting an extremely high SrTiO growth temperature, we demonstrate a way to realize metallic, down to the lowest temperature, and superconducting 2DEG at interfaces between LaAlO layers and artificially grown SrTiO thin films. This study paves the way to the realization of functional LaAlO/SrTiO superlattices and/or artificial LaAlO/SrTiO interfaces on other substrates.


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