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Magnetic nanotubes (NTs) are interesting for magnetic memory and magnonic applications. We report magnetotransport experiments on individual 10 to 20 μm long Ni and CoFeB NTs with outer diameters ranging from 160 to 390 nm and film thicknesses of 20 to 40 nm. The anisotropic magnetoresistance (AMR) effect studied from 2 K to room temperature (RT) amounted to 1.4% and 0.1% for Ni and CoFeB NTs, respectively, at RT. We evaluated magnetometric demagnetization factors of about 0.7 for Ni and CoFeB NTs having considerably different saturation magnetization. The relatively large AMR value of the Ni nanotubes is promising for RT spintronic applications. The large saturation magnetization of CoFeB is useful in different fields such as magnonics and scanning probe microscopy using nanotubes as magnetic tips.


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