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Pyrochlore structures, of chemical formula ABO (A and B are typically trivalent and tetravalent ions, respectively), have been the focus of much activity in the condensed matter community due to the ease of substitution of rare earth and transition metal ions upon the two interpenetrating corner-shared tetrahedral lattices. Over the last few decades, superconductivity, spin liquid states, spin ice states, glassy states in the absence of chemical disorder, and metal-insulator transitions have all been discovered in these materials. Geometric frustration plays a role in the relevant physics of all of these phenomena. In the search for new pyrochlore materials, it is the R/R cation radius ratio which determines the stability of the lattice over the defect fluorite structure in the lower limit. Under ambient pressure, the pyrochlores are stable for 1.36 ≤ R/R ≤ 1.71. However, using high pressure synthesis techniques (1-10 GPa of pressure), metastable pyrochlores exist up to R/R = 2.30. Many of these compounds are stable on a timescale of years after synthesis, and provide a means to greatly enhance exchange, and thus test theories of quantum magnetism and search for new phenomena. Within this article, we review new pyrochlore compounds synthesized via high pressure techniques and show how the ground states are extremely sensitive to chemical pressure.


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