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We report the epitaxialgrowth and the mechanism of a higher temperature insulator-to-metal-transition (IMT) of vanadium dioxide (VO) thin films synthesized on aluminum nitride (AlN)/Si (111) substrates by a pulsed-laser-deposition method; the IMT temperature is ≈ 350 K. X-ray diffractometer and high resolution transmission electron microscope data show that the epitaxial relationship of VO and AlN is VO (010) ‖ AlN (0001) with VO [101] zone axes, which results in a substrate-induced tensile strain along the in-plane and axes of the insulating monoclinic VO. This strain stabilizes the insulating phase of VO and raises for 10 K higher than ≈ 340 K in a bulk VOsingle crystal. Near , a resistance change of about four orders is observed in a thick film of ∼130 nm. The VO/AlN/Si heterostructures are promising for the development of integrated IMT-Si technology, including thermal switchers, transistors, and other applications.


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