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The magnetoelectric effects are investigated in a cubic compound SrCuTeO, in which uniform Cu2+ ( = 1/2) spin chains with considerable spin frustration exhibit a concomitant antiferromagnetic transition and dielectric constant peak at ≈ 5.5 K. Pyroelectric() and magnetoelectric current() measurements in the presence of a bias electric field are used to reveal that SrCuTeO shows clear variations of () across at constant magnetic fields. Furthermore, isothermal measurements of () also develop clear peaks at finite magnetic fields, of which traces are consistent with the spin-flop transitions observed in the magnetization studies. As a result, the anomalies observed in () and () curves match well with the field-temperature phase diagram constructed from magnetization and dielectric constant measurements, demonstrating that SrCuTeO is a new magnetoelectric compound with = 1/2 spin chains.


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