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We report on a new polar interface state between two band insulators: LaInO and BaSnO, where the sheet conductance enhancement in the interface reaches more than the factor of 104 depending on the La doping concentration in BaSnO layer, by monitoring the conductance change before and after the polar interface formation as a function of La doping in BaSnO. By eliminating the possibilities of oxygen vacancy involvement and cation diffusion, we show that the conductance enhancement is due to electronic reconstruction in the interface. Furthermore, we have found that the interfaces between BaSnO and the larger bandgap non-polar perovskites BaHfO and SrZrO did not show such a conductance enhancement. We discuss a model for the interface state where the Fermi level plays a critical role and the conductance enhancement is due to the existence of polarization in the polar perovskite, LaInO.


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