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Diamond anvil cells(DAC) coupled with x-ray diffraction(XRD) measurements are one of the primary techniques for investigating structural stability of materials at high pressure-temperature (P-T) conditions. DAC-XRD has been predominantly used to resolve structural information at set P-T conditions and, consequently, provides P-T phase diagram information on a broad range of materials. With advances in large scale synchrotron x-ray facilities and corresponding x-ray diagnostic capabilities, it is now becoming possible to perform sub-second time resolved measurements on micron sized DAC samples. As a result, there is an opportunity to gain valuable information about the kinetics of structural phase transformations and extend our understanding of material behavior at high P-T conditions. Using DAC-XRD time resolved measurements, we have investigated the kinetics of the to transformation in zirconium. We observe a clear time and pressure dependence in the martensitic transition as a function of pressure-jump, i.e., drive pressure. The resulting data are fit using available kinetics models, which can provide further insight into transformation mechanism that influence transformation kinetics. Our results help shed light on the discrepancies observed in previous measurements of the transition pressure in zirconium.


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