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Short circuit current (J) loss in rear emitter crystalline Si solar cell is analyzed in detail by a 2D device simulation and compared with the experimental results. There is a significant loss in J for the rear emitter n-Si solar cell with an n-type doped front surface field (FSF) when the base substrate resistivity is low. It is due to an increase in recombination in the FSF region led by a less barrier height for minority carriers with a lower substrate resistivity. The barrier height less than 0.1 eV causes large loss in J. To achieve higher J for the cells with FSF, the control of the doping concentration in FSF, the substrate thickness, and the barrier height for the minority carriers are important. A rear emitter heterojunction Si solar cell with an amorphous Si passivation layer shows no substrate resistivity dependence on J since an amorphous Si possess a higher barrier height and a long bulk lifetime of more than a few milliseconds.


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