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This work describes the analysis and fabrication by Low Pressure Chemical Vapor Deposition of two light-emitting capacitors (LECs) constituted by nanometric multilayers of silicon-rich oxide. For both structures, seven layers were used: three light emitting layers with 6% silicon excess and four conductive layers with 12% silicon excess for one LEC and the other with 14% silicon excess. Both LECs were annealed at 1100 °C. Both multilayers demonstrate a substantially improved photoluminescent response compared to single emitting layers. A dielectric constant of 4.1 and a trap density of 1016 cm−3 were obtained from capacitance-voltage curves. Analysis of current-voltage and electroluminescence-voltage (EL-V) characteristics indicates that EL initiates under the space-charge-limited current mechanism, and the required voltage to turn on the emission is 38 V which is the trap-free limit voltage. However, EL increases exponentially under the impact ionization and trap-assisted tunneling conduction mechanisms. The electroluminescence spectra for both multilayers show two emission peaks centered in 450 and 700 nm attributed to oxygen defects. Also, the LEC non-normal emission was measured and it behaves like a Lambertian optical source. Both multilayers obtain the values of efficiency in the order of 10−6 which is in good agreement with the values reported in the literature.


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