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Compared with the most studied monolayer MoS, bilayer MoS possesses many distinct fascinating physical properties and potential applications owing to interlayer interactions and structural symmetry. Here, bilayer MoS domains with strict identical AB Bernal stacked order were controllably synthesized using chemical vapor deposition method. In addition, the electrostatic properties of bilayer MoS were systematically investigated by multiple means of photoemission electron microscopy, electrostatic force microscopy, and kelvin probe force microscopy. We found that the work function of monolayer MoS is homogeneous across single crystals and polycrystalline films except for grain boundaries. However, the work function of the Bernal stacked bilayer MoS decreases by 50 ± 4 meV compared with that of monolayer MoS due to the interlayer coupling and screening effects. The deeper understanding gained here on the electrostatic properties of the AB Bernal stacked bilayer MoS should help in the creation of next-generation electronic and optoelectronic devices.


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