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The La-excess alloys La(FeSi) (δ = 0.06 and 0.09) exhibit large magnetocaloric effect which has been attributed to the occurrence of itinerant-electron metamagnetic transition near the Curie temperature . The maximum entropy change −Δ was shown to be from 4.5 to 11.5 J/kg K for the applied field variation Δ from 20 to 70 kOe, respectively. The estimated relative cooling power for Δ = 70 kOe was 418 J/kg. The alloys show a typical NaZn-type cubic structure, featuring a doping-induced magnetovolume effect with the increase in . Under the applied pressure up to 2 GPa, the as deduced from resistance measurements decreased linearly, Δ  = 113 (for δ = 0.06) and 111 K (for δ = 0.09), together with a corresponding decrease of resistivity, Δ = 6.1 μΩ m at room temperature for both samples. At a low pressure, the effect of spontaneous magnetostriction on caused by applying the pressure appeared to have a similar magnitude to that of the negative magnetovolume effect caused by La-excess doping. In comparison with other stoichiometric La(FeSi) compounds, the pressure in our case was shown to have a smaller influence on .


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