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Experimental and theoretical studies of doublings and permanent electric dipoles in the low-lying states of NaCs
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Image of FIG. 1.
FIG. 1.

Schema of adiabatic potential energy curves for the low-lying and states of the NaCs molecule. Full circles denote the empirical PECs available for the ground (Ref. 5), (Ref. 4), and (Ref. 7) states. The excited states solid and dashed lines correspond to “difference-based” PECs constructed from the present MPPT and pseudopotential curves of Ref. 8, respectively.

Image of FIG. 2.
FIG. 2.

Examples of the appearance of “forbidden” lines in the LIF spectrum after applying a dc electric field. (a) for the “parent” lines; (b) for the “parent” line.

Image of FIG. 3.
FIG. 3.

Experimental electric field dependence of “forbidden” to “parent” LIF lines intensity ratio (full circles) and (open circles). The respective solid and dashed lines correspond to the best fit yielding . , , and denote external electric field, exciting light, and LIF polarization directions, respectively.

Image of FIG. 4.
FIG. 4.

Experimental rf-ODR signal for state , level approximated by a Lorentzian contour (dashed line).

Image of FIG. 5.
FIG. 5.

The state values measured by rf-ODR (open circles, numbers denote values) fitted by a third order polynomial (5) (solid line). The dotted line presents a linear fit of FTS values from Ref. 7 while the dashed line depicts present MPPT calculations.

Image of FIG. 6.
FIG. 6.

Experimental (circles, numbers denote value) and theoretical (for , dashed line) permanent electric dipole moments for the state.

Image of FIG. 7.
FIG. 7.

Calculated permanent electric dipole moments for the states. (a) function; (b) function. The dotted lines represent calculations for and while the solid line represents calculations for . Negative values indicate polarity.

Image of FIG. 8.
FIG. 8.

Ab initio -coupling matrix elements between the and states.

Image of FIG. 9.
FIG. 9.

Partial contributions of the six lowest states into the factor of the state.


Generic image for table
Table I.

laser excitation lines (in nm) or dye laser frequencies (in ), experimental term values (in ), absolute value of factors (in ), and permanent electric dipole moments (in Debye) for the particular rovibronic levels of the NaCs state excited from the state.


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Scitation: Experimental and theoretical studies of Λ doublings and permanent electric dipoles in the low-lying Π1 states of NaCs