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Communication: Transfer ionization in a thermal reaction of a cation and anion: Ar+ with Br and I
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We present experimental evidence that reactions of argon cations Ar+ with the halogen anions Br and I do not occur exclusively by mutual neutralization, but also produce the cations Br+ or I+ ions by transfer ionization (TI). The experiments were carried out in flowing-afterglow plasmas at gas temperatures between and 300 and 500 K, and employed a variant of the Variable Electron and Neutral Density Attachment Mass Spectrometry method. The measured TI rate coefficients are 1.9 ± 0.6 × 10−9 cm3 s−1 and × 10−9 cm3 s−1 for the Br and I reactions, respectively. We find that the TI rate coefficients decline with temperature as T−0.5 to T−1. No indication of TI was found in the reaction with Cl, where it is endoergic.


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Scitation: Communication: Transfer ionization in a thermal reaction of a cation and anion: Ar+ with Br− and I−