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The effects of LiCO like species originating from reactions between CO and LiO at the cathode of non-aqueous Li-air batteries were studied by density functional theory (DFT) and galvanostatic charge-discharge measurements. Adsorption energies of CO at various nucleation sites on a stepped LiO surface were determined and even a low concentration of CO effectively blocks the step nucleation site and alters the LiO shape due to LiCO formation. Nudged elastic band calculations show that once CO is adsorbed on a step valley site, it is effectively unable to diffuse and impacts the LiO growth mechanism, capacity, and overvoltages. The charging processes are strongly influenced by CO contamination, and exhibit increased overvoltages and increased capacity, as a result of poisoning of nucleation sites: this effect is predicted from DFT calculations and observed experimentally already at 1% CO. Large capacity losses and overvoltages are seen at higher CO concentrations.


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