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Phosphate vibrations serve as local probes of hydrogen bonding and structural fluctuations of hydration shells around ions. Interactions of HPO ions and their aqueous environment are studied combining femtosecond 2D infrared spectroscopy, calculations, and hybrid quantum-classical molecular dynamics (MD) simulations. Two-dimensional infrared spectra of the symmetric ( ) and asymmetric ( ) PO stretching vibrations display nearly homogeneous lineshapes and pronounced anharmonic couplings between the two modes and with the (P-(OH)) bending modes. The frequency-time correlation function derived from the 2D spectra consists of a predominant 50 fs decay and a weak constant component accounting for a residual inhomogeneous broadening. MD simulations show that the fluctuating electric field of the aqueous environment induces strong fluctuations of the and transition frequencies with larger frequency excursions for . The calculated frequency-time correlation function is in good agreement with the experiment. The frequencies are mainly determined by polarization contributions induced by electrostatic phosphate-water interactions. HPO /HO cluster calculations reveal substantial frequency shifts and mode mixing with increasing hydration. Predicted phosphate-water hydrogen bond (HB) lifetimes have values on the order of 10 ps, substantially longer than water-water HB lifetimes. The ultrafast phosphate-water interactions observed here are in marked contrast to hydration dynamics of phospholipids where a quasi-static inhomogeneous broadening of phosphate vibrations suggests minor structural fluctuations of interfacial water.


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