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The photo-induced damages of DNA in interaction with metal cations, which are found in various environments, still remain to be characterized. In this paper, we show how the complexation of a DNA base (cytosine (Cyt)) with a metal cation (Ag +) changes its electronic properties. By means of UV photofragment spectroscopy of cold ions, it was found that the photoexcitation of the CytAg+ complex at low energy (315-282) nm efficiently leads to ionized cytosine (Cyt+) as the single product. This occurs through a charge transfer state in which an electron from the p orbital of Cyt is promoted to Ag +, as confirmed by calculations at the TD-DFT/B3LYP and RI-ADC(2) theory level using the SV(P) basis set. The low ionization energy of Cyt in the presence of Ag + could have important implications as point mutation of DNA upon sunlight exposition.


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