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Closed-form analytic solutions to non-secular Bloch-Redfield master equations for quantum dynamics of a V-type system driven by weak coupling to a thermal bath, relevant to light harvesting processes, are obtained and discussed. We focus on noise-induced Fano coherences among the excited states induced by incoherent driving of the V-system initially in the ground state. For suddenly turned-on incoherent driving, the time evolution of the coherences is determined by the damping parameter , where are the radiative decay rates of the excited levels = 1, 2, and depends on the excited-state level splitting Δ > 0 and the angle between the transition dipole moments in the energy basis. The coherences oscillate as a function of time in the underdamped limit ( ≫ 1), approach a long-lived quasi-steady state in the overdamped limit ( ≪ 1), and display an intermediate behavior at critical damping ( = 1). The sudden incoherent turn-on is shown to generate a mixture of excited eigenstates | 〉 and | , which is remarkably long-lived in the overdamped limit (where and are the incoherent pumping rates). Formation of this coherent superposition the decay rate from the excited states to the ground state. In the strongly asymmetric V-system where the coupling strengths between the ground state and the excited states differ significantly, additional asymptotic quasistationary coherences are identified, which arise due to slow equilibration of one of the excited states. Finally, we demonstrate that noise-induced Fano coherences are maximized with respect to populations when = and the transition dipole moments are fully aligned.


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