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Special Topics

Authors of articles in Special Topic issues will find the same timely peer-review and rapid publication time as usual for this Journal. Articles are published as ready, and not held for the closing date of the Special Topic issue. The articles are assigned DOI’s immediately upon publication, and are then fully searchable and citable.

Use the following list to navigate to the table of contents of Special Topics publishing in The Journal of Chemical Physics (from 2008 to the present):

Year Special Topics Guest Editors
2014 Special Topic: Biological Water Andrei Tokmakoff and Gerhard Hummer
2014 Special Topic: Interfacial and Confined Water Valeria Molinero and Bruce D. Kay
2014 Special Topic: Advances in Density Functional Theory Weitao Yang, Russell Boyd, Angelos Michaelides, and C. David Sherrill
2013 Special Topic: Chemical Physics of Biological Systems Martin Gruebele, Dave Thirumalai, and John Straub
2013 Special Topic: Glass Transition David Reichman and James Skinner
2012 Special Topic: Photochemistry at Surfaces Horia Metiu
2012 Special Topic: Nonadiabatic Dynamics Xiaosong Li, Oleg Prezdho, Ernest Davidson, and Todd Martinez
2008 Special Topic: A Survey of Some New Developments in Heterogeneous Catalysis Horia Metiu
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