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Journal of Renewable and Sustainable Energy is an online-only broadly scoped journal dedicated to all the areas of renewable and sustainable energy that are relevant to the physical science and engineering communities.As an electronic-only, web-based journal with rapid publication time, Journal of Renewable and Sustainable Energy is responsive to the many new developments expected in this field.

Editor's Picks

  • Simulation of a new grid-connected hybrid generation system with Stirling engine and wind turbine
  • Evaluation of renewable energy development in power generation in Finland
  • Life cycle greenhouse gas emissions from geothermal electricity production
  • Synthesis and characterization of Fe-doped SnS thin films by chemical bath deposition technique for solar cells applications
  • Development and evaluation of a prototype concentrating solar collector with thermocline based thermal energy storage for residential thermal usage

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E-ISSN: 1941-7012

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