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Plants in aquatic canopies deform when subjected to a water flow and so, unlike a rigid bluff body, the resulting drag force grows sub-quadratically with the flow velocity . In this article, the effect of density on the canopy reconfiguration and the corresponding drag reduction is experimentally investigated for simple 2D synthetic canopies in an inclinable, narrow water channel. The drag acting on the canopy, and also on individual sheets, is systematically measured via two independent techniques. Simultaneous drag and reconfiguration measurements demonstrate that data for different Reynolds numbers (400–2200), irrespective of sheet width () and canopy spacing (ℓ), collapse on a unique curve given by a bending beam model which relates the reconfiguration number and a properly rescaled Cauchy number. Strikingly, the measured Vogel exponent and hence the drag reduction via reconfiguration is found to be independent of the spacing between sheets and the lateral confinement; only the drag coefficient decreases linearly with the sheet spacing since a strong sheltering effect exists as long as the spacing is smaller than a critical value depending on the sheet width.


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