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A note from the publisher in response to the resignation of the Physics of Fluids editorial board

In August this year, the editorial board of Physics of Fluids informed AIP Publishing of its decision to resign once their current terms of office expire. We would like to take this opportunity to clarify some misconceptions about this situation.

In 2012, the journal's co-editors-in-chief, Professors John Kim and Gary Leal confirmed a three year extension to their term as editors until the end of 2015. By the end of 2015, Professors Kim and Leal will have served a long and distinguished editorship of 18 years.

In order to appoint the next editor, and because of the long-established relationship between the journal and the American Physical Society (APS) Division of Fluid Dynamics (DFD), AIP Publishing's stated objective was to appoint the next editor in collaboration with the DFD. Over the past year, with this aim in mind, AIP Publishing has been in discussion with John, Gary and the DFD regarding the succession. AIP Publishing supported a collaborative process in which the DFD would select the Chair and members of the editor search committee, which would then conduct a search to identify a preferred candidate. Further, the intent was for the Chair of DFD and AIP Publishing to jointly appoint the new editor.

Discussions on the above plan were progressing until June 2015 when DFD disengaged from the process. Senior management at AIP Publishing made repeated attempts to contact the DFD to understand their position and reasons for their shift in direction. To date, there has been no material response from the DFD on the proposed collaborative editorial succession plan.

AIP Publishing also understands that in some quarters there is a perception that the company is no longer a not-for-profit organization. We would like to take this opportunity to clarify this point and the relationship with our parent organization, the American Institute of Physics.

  • AIP Publishing is a non-profit wholly owned subsidiary of the American Institute of Physics (AIP), supporting the scientific, educational and charitable mission of AIP through scholarly publishing activities in the physical and related sciences. AIP Publishing provides the global physical science community with a comprehensive collection of highly-cited, peer-reviewed scientific information. See:

  • American Institute of Physics (AIP) is a federation of ten scientific societies in the physical sciences (see:, of which APS is one. As a charitable organization (a 501(c)(3) under the US tax code), AIP offers authoritative information, services, and expertise in physics education and student programs, science communication, government relations, career services for science and engineering professionals, statistical research in physics employment and education, industrial outreach, and history of the physical sciences. AIP publishes Physics Today, the most closely followed magazine of the physical sciences community.

At a time when a small number of large commercial publishers are taking even more dominant roles through mergers and acquisitions, it is our sincerely-held belief that there is an increasing need for greater collaboration, cooperation and innovation between professional society publishers and the research community. AIP Publishing and its Board of Managers (many of whom are scientists and engineers) strongly share the intellectual mission to serve science, scientists and engineers.

AIP Publishing remains as fully committed to serving the fluids community as it did 58 years ago when it launched Physics of Fluids. The journal has a long and outstanding record and is a leading publication for the community. In keeping with this legacy of excellence and community input, AIP Publishing has been consulting members of the fluids community and will appoint a new editor-in-chief and editorial board within the next few weeks; a public announcement will follow shortly thereafter.

Award Winners Announced at the APS-DFD Meeting
Physics of Fluids congratulates Geneviève Comte-Bellot (2014 Fluid Dynamics Prize), Eberhard Bodenschatz ( 2014 Stanley Corrsin Award), and B. D. Mater, S. M. Schaad, and S. K. Venayagamoorthy (François Naftali Frenkiel Award for Fluid Mechanics).

Congratulations to Shelley Anna, Associate Editor of Physics of Fluids and 2014 American Physical Society Fellow
Physics of Fluids is proud to congratulate Shelley Anna (Carnegie Mellon University and PoF Associate Editor), on being elected as American Physical Society Fellow.

Gary Leal receives 2014 Warren K. Lewis Award from AIChE
AIP Publishing proudly congratulates L. Gary Leal, Physics of Fluids’ co-Editor-in-Chief, for receiving the 2014 Warren K. Lewis Award based on his important contributions to chemical engineering education.

Physics of Fluids in the News
Lift and wakes of flying snakes by Anush Krishnan, John J. Socha, Pavlos P. Vlachos and L. A. Barba, recently published on PoF, has been covered in the Science Section of the Washington Post, in Science’s ScienceShot, and on NPR’s The Protojournalist.

Referee Acknowledgment for 2013
Physics of Fluids’ Editors, John Kim and Gary Leal, would like to thank the referees for their contributions of time and expertise to the journal for papers submitted to or published in PoF in 2013.

Award Winners Announced at the APS-DFD Meeting
Physics of Fluids would like to congratulate the award winners recently announced at the 2013 Division of Fluid Dynamics annual meeting.
2013 Fluid Dynamics Prize: Elaine S. Oran, University of Maryland
2013 Stanley Corrsin Award: Michael P. Brenner, Harvard University
2013 Andreas Acrivos Dissertation Award in Fluid Dynamics: Bishakhdatta Gayen, University of California, San Diego
2013 François Frenkiel Award for Fluid Mechanics: Diego A. Donzis, Texas A&M University

Physics of Fluids welcomes a new Associate Editor in 2014
Beverley McKeon, from California Institute of Technology.

A session in honor of PoF Editor Gary Leal at 2013 AIChE Annual Meeting
A session of invited presentations in recognition of the accomplishments of Professor Gary Leal will be held at 2013 AIChE Annual Meeting in San Francisco (November 3-8, 2013). Read more.

New Special Topic: Directions in computational physics-Selected papers from a symposium honoring Parviz Moin upon his 60th birthday
Physics of Fluids is pleased to announce a special topic section dedicated to Professor Parviz Moin upon his 60th birthday. This special topic features selected contributions from the symposium Directions in Computational Flow Physics held in San Diego, California, October 12-14 2012. The papers cover blood flows, electrokinetic flows, shock-interface dynamics, suspension dynamics, and turbulence. Jonathan Freund served as Guest Editor and worked with Physics of Fluids Editor John Kim to produce this section. The partial issue is now available to view online; the full issue will publish in November 2013.

Physics of Fluids is a highly cited leader in Fluids & Plasmas Physics
Journal Impact Factor
Journal metrics just released by Thomson Reuters* show Physics of Fluids (PoF) to be a highly cited journal tracked in both Fluids & Plasmas Physics and Mechanics, with 20,567 citations in 2012. *2012 Journal Citation Reports ® (Thomson Reuters, 2013).

In the News: The Mathematical Butterfly Aerodynamic forces and vortical structures in flapping butterfly's forward flight by Naoto Yokoyama, Kei Senda, Makoto Iima, and Norio Hirai – recently published in Physics of Fluids - has been covered by Inside Science News Service. Read more about The Mathematical Butterfly.

Award Winners Announced at the APS-DFD Meeting
Physics of Fluids would like to congratulate the award winners recently announced at the Division of Fluid Dynamics annual meeting.
2012 Andreas Acrivos Dissertation Award:
William Durham, University of Oxford
2012 Francois Frenkiel Award:
Thomas Cubaud, Bibin M. Jose, and Samira Darvishi, Stony Brook University
2012 Fluid Dynamics Prize:
John Brady, California Institute of Technology
2012 Stanley Corrsin Award:
Daniel Lathrop, University of Maryland

The Letters section of Physics of Fluids (PoF) is now freely available!
In an effort to continue to promote the rapid distribution of new findings in scientific research, AIP is happy to announce that full-text versions of papers published in the Letters sections of Physics of Fluids are now freely available. Under this new policy, any Letter published in the Journal after 1 January 2012 will be freely accessible online by anyone. The Letters section features fast-tracked publication of concise papers on significant new findings. Submit your work to PoF Letters today at

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