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The yield of an inertial confinement fusion capsule can be greatly affected by the inclusion of high-Z material in the fuel, either intentionally as a diagnostic or from mixing due to hydrodynamic instabilities. To validate calculations of these conditions, glass shell targets filled with a D2 and 3He fuel mixture were fielded in experiments with controlled amounts of pre-mixed Ar, Kr, or Xe. The experiments were fielded at the OMEGA laser [T. R. Boehly et al., Opt. Commun. 133, 495 (1997)] using 1.0 ns square laser pulses having a total energy 23 kJ and direct drive illumination of shells with an outer diameter of ∼925 μm and a thickness of ∼5 μm. Data were collected and compared to one-dimensional integrated models for yield and burn-temperature measurements. This paper presents a critical examination of the calculational assumptions used in our experimental modeling. A modified treatment of laser-capsule interaction improves the match to the measured scattered laser light and also improves agreement for yields, burn-temperatures, and the fuel compression as measured by the ratio of two yields. Remaining discrepancies between measurement and calculation will also be discussed.


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