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In this work, the mass transfer of the reactive species from the plasmas in the water layer has been investigated by means of the numerical simulation based on the one-dimensional drift-diffusion model. The depth distributions of five main reactive species, OH, O, HO, O , and HO, have been presented, when considering the dissociative electron attachment (DEA) to the water molecule by increasing electron energy in the plasmas. The present work shows that the DEA to the water molecule plays an important role in the penetration of the species OH, O, and HO. With the increase in electron energy, HO quenches after the penetration depth of a few micrometers, becoming a short-living species, but the penetration depths of O and OH increase evidently, up to a few tens micrometers, which is of significance for the application of cold atmospheric-pressure plasmas in biomedical engineering. In addition, the contribution of each dominative reaction to production or loss of OH has also been calculated and analyzed under the different electron energies because of the importance of OH in the inactivation of biomolecules and in order to have a good knowledge of the mechanisms of OH production as well as its penetration in the water layer. The present work is a first effort toward the goal of increasing the different types of the reactive species that may interact with cellular components after the mass transfer of the plasmas in the water layer, by changing the discharge parameters of the plasmas.


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