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The Magnetized Plasma Fusion Reactor concept is proposed as a magneto-inertial fusion approach based on the target plasma created through the collision merging of two oppositely translating field reversed configuration plasmas, which is then compressed by the imploding liner driven by the pulsed-power driver. The target creation process is described by a two-dimensional magnetohydrodynamics model, resulting in the typical target parameters. The implosion process and the fusion reaction are modeled by a simple zero-dimensional model, taking into account the alpha particle heating and the bremsstrahlung radiation loss. The compression on the target can be 2D cylindrical or 2.4D with the additive axial contraction taken into account. The dynamics of the liner compression and fusion burning are simulated and the optimum fusion gain and the associated target parameters are predicted. The scientific breakeven could be achieved at the optimized conditions.


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