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The spectrum of energy and angle of emittance of the electrons generated during ionization of neon ions , krypton ions , and argon ions by a laser pulse have been obtained for different values of laser frequency chirp and normalized laser pulse duration. The energy of the electron beam shifts to higher energy with the introduction of frequency chirp. The energy peak shifts towards lower energy with an increase in frequency chirp, and the electron beam becomes more quasi-monoenergetic. The energy peak shifts to higher energy with decreasing laser pulse duration due to increase in asymmetry of the pulse, however, the quasi-monoenergetic property of the electron beam decreases. We can obtain MeV, MeV/GeV, and GeV electron beams using neon, krypton, and argon gases as target. The scattering of the electrons decreases with decreasing laser pulse duration and increasing laser intensity. The energy peak is sharper and at higher energy for the ions located after laser focus than that for the ions located before laser focus for a tightly focused laser pulse.


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