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We have studied the properties of surface modes on one dimensional magnetized plasma photonic crystals in two configurations: Faraday and Voigt configurations. The results have been demonstrated by using the transfer matrix method and employing boundary conditions for TE and TM modes, respectively. For the Voigt effect, only the TM mode is considered because the TE modes under the influence of external magnetic field have the same properties as un-magnetized plasma. The influence of external magnetic field has been studied for three cases, i.e., TE left circular polarization, TE right circular polarization, and TM surface modes. It is shown that the properties of surface modes can be tuned correspondingly by changing the cap layer thickness, wave vector, and external magnetic field in the desired photonic band gap. The results show that collision frequency has a negligible effect on surface modes. A new type of wave called Fano mode has been reported for the Voigt effect for the TM mode in the first band gap. Proof of its existence has been demonstrated in the present paper.


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