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The neoclassical polarization current, which can be generated by a time-dependent electric field resulting from magnetic island rotation, is believed to play an important role in the initial stage of the neoclassical tearing mode (NTM) evolution in tokamak plasmas. In the previous analytical description of the neoclassical polarization current contribution to the evolution of NTMs in the limit of low collision frequency (, is ion collision frequency, is the inverse aspect ratio, and is the island propagation frequency in the plasma rest frame), the width of magnetic islands has been assumed to be much larger than the finite-banana-width (FBW) of the trapped ions in order to solve the drift-kinetic equation of ions by using the perturbation method. In this paper, we introduce a new analytical approach to investigate the neoclassical polarization current contribution to the NTM evolution without the assumption of the large island width by solving the drift-kinetic equation in a so-called ion-banana-center coordinate system. The results show that, when the island width is comparable to the FBW of the thermal ion, the neoclassical polarization current term in the equation of the NTM evolution is much smaller than the previous analytical expression but matches well with the empirical anticipation commonly adopted in experiments.


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