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Structural Dynamics is a new open access and online-only journal which is now accepting submissions. Co-published by ACA and AIP Publishing, it will highlight research articles on structural determination and dynamics of systems, enabled by the emerging new instruments (e.g. XFELs, high harmonic generation, electron sources, etc.) and new experimental and theoretical methodologies.

The journal is accepting short communications, topical reviews and regular papers in the following subjects:

* Experimental Methodologies* Theory and Modelling
* Surfaces and Interfaces* Materials
* Liquids and Solutions* Biological Systems

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Editor's Picks

  • Reconstruction of three-dimensional molecular structure from diffraction of laser-aligned molecules
  • Probing ion-specific effects on aqueous acetate solutions: Ion pairing versus water structure modifications
  • Structural dynamics of cisplatin binding to histidine in a protein
  • Ultrafast electron diffraction using an ultracold source
  • Measurement of transient atomic displacements in thin films with picosecond and femtometer resolution

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E-ISSN: 2329-7778

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