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Essay Contest: Physics in 2116

Accompanying Frank Wilczek’s article about what physics will look like in 100 years is an opportunity for our readers to submit their own predictions for the chance to win $7500. Find out about our Physics in 2116 contest online.

News Picks : Builders prepare to break ground on giant Hawaiian telescope

By: Physics Today
25 February 2014 Construction of the massive Thirty Meter Telescope (TMT) is set to begin on Hawaii’s Mauna Kea later this year. Three times as large as any current optical telescope, the TMT will boast a suite of sophisticated instruments, which will be used to investigate astrophysical phenomena, study galaxy evolution, and search for extraterrestrial life. Integral to the telescope’s design are its adaptive optics, needed to counter the distortion caused by Earth’s atmosphere. The project is an international collaboration among institutions in the US, Canada, China, India, and Japan, and the total cost could run as much as $1 billion.


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