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Essay Contest: Physics in 2116

Accompanying Frank Wilczek’s article about what physics will look like in 100 years is an opportunity for our readers to submit their own predictions for the chance to win $7500. Find out about our Physics in 2116 contest online.

News Picks : Congress continues NASA funding boost to convert a spy satellite into a telescope

By: Physics Today
08 January 2016

Guardian: In 2011 the National Reconnaissance Office offered NASA an unused spy satellite currently in storage. The satellite's telescope, like the Hubble Space Telescope, has a 2.4-m-diameter mirror. However, it has a much wider field of view because it was originally designed to look at Earth, not into space. This wide field of view makes it perfect for wide-field surveys of galaxies, so NASA proposed the Wide-Field Infrared Survey Telescope (WFirst) program to make use of the satellite. Late last year, NASA requested $14 million for the program. Congress gave them $50 million, which allowed NASA to begin working on the project quickly. This year Congress continued the high funding with $90 million, well above the $16 million that had been requested. Outfitting the satellite is expected to take several more years, and the launch is scheduled for 2025. So that the telescope can be used in a variety of research fields, the satellite is also being equipped to find and take pictures of exoplanets.

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