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News Picks : Construction of a solar–thermal plant in Chile makes progress

By: Physics Today
23 December 2015

The Guardian: The second tallest building in Chile is the central tower of the Atacama 1 concentrated solar power plant. Already more than 200 meters tall, it is nearly complete. The next step is to put in place the 2000-ton solar receiver that will be used to heat the 50 000 tons of molten salt. The final task will be to polish the mirrors that will focus the sunlight on the receiver. Then the plant can begin operating. The $1.1 billion project is designed to produce 110 MW for 24 hours a day; the molten salt will be hot enough to continue heating water into steam overnight. Atacama 1, the first solar–thermal plant in South America, is the largest such plant to use locally sourced salt and other materials and to have only a single heating tower.


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