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News Picks : Court filing questions NASA’s investigation of Mars jelly-doughnut rock

By: Physics Today
31 January 2014
Los Angeles Times: Despite NASA’s recent announcement of the discovery of a strange rock-like object on Mars’s surface, at least one individual feels that the agency has not done enough to investigate it. On Monday Rhawn Joseph filed a writ of mandamus with San Francisco’s US District Court in which he asks that NASA take more, higher-resolution photographs of what has been described as a jelly-doughnut-like rock that mysteriously appeared alongside the Opportunity rover. Joseph, a self-described neuroscientist and astrobiologist, believes the object may not actually be a rock but rather a fungus-like organism. If so, it could be evidence of life on Mars.

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Scitation: News Picks: Court filing questions NASA’s investigation of Mars jelly-doughnut rock