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News Picks : First transmission sent from and received by graphene-based radio

By: Physics Today
31 January 2014
New Scientist: Graphene holds promise in circuitry because it’s inexpensive and has high conductivity. However, it does not bond easily with silicon, which is the basis for most microchips, and is relatively delicate. Researchers at IBM have been working for several years to incorporate graphene transistors in radios, but their 2011 prototype failed because of the damage caused when metal components were layered on top of the graphene. The team, led by Shu-Jen Han, has now created a working radio using graphene and successfully transmitted the letters “IBM.” The solution to their early problems was to reverse the construction process by laying the graphene transistors last, so that they would not be damaged by the addition of the other components. The proof that analogue circuits can be made of graphene opens the door to cheaper and more-efficient wireless devices.


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