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News Picks : HP plans to sell memristor-based computers by 2020

By: Physics Today
12 June 2014
Ars Technica: At the HP Discover conference this week John Sontag, vice president of HP Systems Research, announced that the company intends to have memristor-based computer memory chips by 2016. He also announced the company's goal of having a new computer design, dubbed "The Machine," that combines memristors and silicon photonics by 2020. Memristors are a fundamental component of electronics, created by HP in 2008, that combine data processing logic gates and long-term data storage. The technology could solve the present memory trade-off between size and speed for accessing and processing stored information. Combined with silicon photonics for optical data transmission between computer modules, the resulting computer could be a drastic change from current design. However, creating viable hardware with memristors is still in the very early stages of development.

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