News Picks : India’s science budget falls short of inflation

By: Physics Today
14 July 2014

Nature: On 10 July the Indian government under prime minister Narendra Modi, who took office in May, announced its 2014–15 budget. Although the Department of Science and Technology received 35.44 billion rupees (US$590 million), an 11% increase over last year, most departments received funding increases less than the current inflation rate of 8%. In addition, the decision to allocate money to set up new research and education centers has been criticized because so many existing facilities need the funding. The modest budget has also raised questions about several expensive projects that have been approved but are still awaiting funding and about India’s expected contributions to international science collaborations, including the Thirty Meter Telescope in Hawaii. Researchers remain hopeful, however, that additional funds may come through when the budget is revised in September.


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