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News Picks : Israel's anti-rocket system may not be destroying the warheads

By: Physics Today
11 July 2014

MIT Technology Review: Israel's Iron Dome missile system is designed to intercept short-range rockets. During recent rocket attacks launched from Gaza, the system appeared to be successfully hitting the rockets. However, it may be failing to detonate the rockets' warheads, which is crucial to preventing their causing damage when they hit the ground. The intercepting missiles are designed to use sensors and real-time guidance systems to approach the rockets from the front. When in range, the missiles detonate, releasing a spray of metal rods that strike the target rocket and cause the warhead to explode. According to Ted Postol of MIT, in previous attacks in 2012 and in the current attacks, the Iron Dome missiles appear to be making sharp turns and engaging the rockets from the side or even from behind. That could significantly reduce the chance of detonating the rockets' warheads.


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