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Essay Contest: Physics in 2116

Accompanying Frank Wilczek’s article about what physics will look like in 100 years is an opportunity for our readers to submit their own predictions for the chance to win $7500. Find out about our Physics in 2116 contest online.

News Picks : Ohio bill sparks evolution-vs-creationism debate

By: Physics Today
27 August 2014

Ars Technica: A recent bill has been proposed in Ohio that aims to revoke the Common Core education standards, which have been recently adopted there and in many other states. Sponsored by Representative Andy Thompson (R-Lima), the bill targets math and literacy but also encompasses the teaching of science. Its call to “focus on academic and scientific knowledge rather than scientific processes” has sparked criticism that students will be forced to memorize facts without understanding how the knowledge was generated. In addition, critics say the bill’s ambiguous language would allow the teaching of intelligent design. Thompson counters that his intent was to keep politics out of the educational system and encourage kids to consider many different perspectives.


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