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News Picks : One of the dirtiest coal plants in the US to close

By: Physics Today
08 May 2014
Atlantic: Berkshire Hathaway, the investment company run by American businessman Warren Buffett, purchased Nevada's largest utility company, NV Energy, in 2013. The Reid Gardner coal power plant, which NV Energy operates, is one of the top producers of carbon dioxide and soot in the US. This year the company plans to shut down three units that generate 300 MW of power, with the remaining 257 MW to be shut down in 2017. The company will replace the energy produced by Reid Gardner with that of natural gas and photovoltaic plants and will also contract the construction of an additional 300 MW from renewable sources. The company will also be selling its ownership stake in another highly polluting coal plant. Berkshire Hathaway's recent move toward green technologies is likely driven in part by a new Nevada law requiring the elimination of 800 MW of coal-powered electricity.


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