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Essay Contest: Physics in 2116

Accompanying Frank Wilczek’s article about what physics will look like in 100 years is an opportunity for our readers to submit their own predictions for the chance to win $7500. Find out about our Physics in 2116 contest online.

News Picks : Review recommends new oversight body for UK’s research councils

By: Physics Today
19 November 2015
BBC: The president of UK’s Royal Society, Paul Nurse, has proposed the creation of a new independent agency to oversee the country’s seven separate research councils. Since 2002 that function has been performed by Research Councils UK. The new, super research council, to be called Research UK, would be granted greater powers and be overseen by an independent board that would serve as an interface between the research community and a committee of ministers. Nurse claims that the reorganization will benefit scientists and the government by giving science a more prominent role and allowing government officials and researchers to meet and discuss funding directly.


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