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News Picks : Scientific message in a bottle found after 50 years

By: Physics Today
12 February 2014
San Francisco Chronicle: Between 1956 and 1972, Dean Bumpus of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution released some 300 000 glass bottles into the Atlantic Ocean as part of a scientific study of ocean currents. Nearly 58 years after their release, one of those bottles turned up last month on a beach off Nova Scotia. On 20 January biologist Warren Joyce, who is studying grey seals, found the bottle on Sable Island, about 300 km southeast of Halifax and almost 500 km from where it had been released. Following the directions on the card in the bottle, Joyce returned it to Woods Hole, with information regarding when and where he found it. Although Bumpus passed away in 2002, his data collection experiment lives on. The bottle is one of the 10% of releases that have been returned to the institution.

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