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About Acoustics Today

In the early days of the Acoustical Society of America, a strong spirit of collegiality existed throughout the entire membership. Everyone was interested in what everyone else was doing—and how they could help. The Journal was read from cover-to-cover—in those days, it was possible—and this spirit resulted in a high level of synergism among the Society’s members.

But the membership, the size of the Journal, and the number of disciplines have all grown making it nearly impossible to read the Journal from cover-to-cover, or to attend meeting sessions in areas other than one’s own. The Society has strived over the years to foster its collegial spirit, most recently through events at national meetings such as socials and tutorial lectures. Acoustics Today is a further effort in that direction providing a vehicle whose mission is to let everyone know what everyone else is doing in the areas of research, education, and the practical applications of acoustics. Authors strive to present their article in a manner that readers will find interesting, understandable (regardless of their own acoustic discipline), and most important, worth reading.

Acoustics Today contains tutorials, technical articles about and related to acoustics, and articles that expand upon presentations made at the Society’s biannual meetings. There are comments from the Society’s officers and short pieces highlighting the Society’s Technical Committees, Standards and Education Committees and Regional Chapters program. There are announcements concerning new books and publications, new instrumentation, national and international news concerning our members, and announcements of upcoming acoustical meetings and symposia.

Acoustics Today is also interested in the business of acoustics and therefore contains both display and classified-line advertisements. We invite individuals and industry to submit descriptive information (about 250 words) and a high resolution (300 dpi) picture about new instrumentation and books for consideration to AcousticsToday@aip.org. There is no charge for this service.

Subscribers may download separate magazine articles as PDFs for their personal or professional use or for distribution to their students or colleagues at no cost. The articles may not be altered from their original printing and pages that include advertising may not be modified. Articles may not be reprinted or translated into another language and reprinted without prior approval from the Acoustical Society of America. Remember, the magazine is copyrighted. Non-subscribers may purchase articles at a nominal cost much as they do for an article from the Journal of the Acoustical Society of America. Reprint and page modification policies are the same for everyone.

We invite you to read and enjoy our magazine, Acoustics Today

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